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I moved in to a new house.

Yes, after one year and six months I finally found a space that I can call home sweet home.

Nothing interesting worth writing happened for the past few days.

I have my routine back on track.

Work-Home-Eat-Sleep, I get easily bored. I just need to feel focus inside.

You know sometimes we have a gut feeling about something. I’m having that right now, it’s like feeling that working abroad is not my thing. I’ve had enough of everything. It’s hard. It’s true that you can easily judge situation and things happening when you have yet to experience that.


I belong to a family working abroad, my father worked for 15 years in the Middle East. My mom tried working in Taiwan but unfortunately it didn’t turn out well. My sister who works in Dubai spent 9 years of her life and I doubt if she’ll ever stop. Lastly my brother is having a time of his life in Dubai as well. All of us experience how to work in a foreign country. And yes each and everyone has their own story to tell.

Mine was different. I’m turning two years this coming July, it seems like yesterday. Now if I were to choose whether working abroad or not, I’d choose the latter.

Anyways, I just can’t help ranting about how lousy my job is, so I need some diversion.
I found my solace on someone I haven’t thought would help me ease my homesickness.


Thank You Bit Torrent for everything, thank you for providing entertainment on my lousy afternoon on the office. I get to watch movies, TV shows, plus porn’s all day long.. Everything is a download away from me. Without you, life would be oh so boring.

Well, again we argued about the voice chat we had this afternoon, My laptop allows one at a time functionality. For example if I’m using You Tube, of course the audio will run right? So If I will try to open another window of You Tube, Laptop’s not allowing the second window to make the audio function, it’ll play but there’s no sound. Well, that’s what happened the last time me and my oh so loving lovelove when we were trying to talk.

Plus the fact that I’m in a hurry because I’m running late for work. I tried calling again using my phone on my way to work but I’m having that cold dead ringing tone over and over again. So after realizing that my Lovelove will definitely not answer the phone, i stop. I got ignored but it’s nothing compared to what I did way back when lovelove’s the one calling. I suddenly realize how irritating, annoying, and worried it would be when the other line’s not answering for a hundred attempted calls, Imagine that’s a hundred opportunity for me to talk but I just let it passed. We’ll I’d just did almost 10 attempted calls and i already gave up, so I’m extending my sorry for what i did. I didn’t know what you’ve been through all this time.

Now that I know how it feels, I’m feeling bad on how i treated you like that. I now know how hurtful it is. But I’m doing what I should have done a long time ago, I promise to open our line of Communication so wide that distance wouldn’t be an issue. I promise to give my bests, my full effort and time. I promise me.


I will always be present.

So to you. Sorry na..

Posted by webbster 12:49

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