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4:30 PM
Let me tell you guys something that I just found out, eerrr. I mean learned.

Women of Russian descent always have their last name ending with “A”.

For example Maria SharapovA, if she has a brother name Mario, it would just be Sharapov.

I don’t know the authenticity of this information but it’s been passed through by a friend so by the virtue of
friendship, I believed her.

But in any case this is not true, I’m having my retraction ready.


6:00 PM

Anyhow, I got really scared a while ago.

Ok. It happened when I’m at work the time where I’m doing my inventory. I was so serious when suddenly, I felt that something was moving in my body, no don’t think too naughty. After pausing for a while to feel everything, I looked in to the mirror and was shocked, no that’s not the right term, uhmm ah...wondered why my Upper Lip was moving??

Like my lips has a life of its own.

I swear, I saw my upper lip was moving like there’s something inside. I was scared because it felt like my lips were swelling already.

So being a self proclaimed paranoid, I came up with thousands of reason, logic and explanation of the phenomena. But after a while, when I continue my inventory and seeing how many mistakes has been made, everything came back to normal.


7:30 pm

Anyhow, you all know that Dubai is a melting pot of cultural backgrounds.

I swear, I’ve met almost every nationality there is in this world.

Indians comprise I think the most in terms of population who lives here in Dubai.

And yes what would be the world without Filipinos.



8:45 pm

Needless to say that today like yesterday and on the other day is boring.

The closest I can talk to ease my boredom?

Marlboro Lights.

If there’s someone who knows me at this point in my life, this thing knows me the best.
Marlboro knows when I’m thinking about something a lot, because that means I will always be with him anywhere..anytime...

Marlboro knows when I’m sad.

So to you, Thank you for always being there when I needed you.

Thank you for giving me comfort.

I’m sorry, if sometimes we haven’t seen each other for quite a while, because I hope you understand that there’s a price I have to pay just to be with you.

But for now, since I can still afford you, please be there always so that I can feel I’m not alone on this world.

But I hope that being with you all the time wouldn’t kill me.

Friends don’t do that, and I consider you my friend.


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I moved in to a new house.

Yes, after one year and six months I finally found a space that I can call home sweet home.

Nothing interesting worth writing happened for the past few days.

I have my routine back on track.

Work-Home-Eat-Sleep, I get easily bored. I just need to feel focus inside.

You know sometimes we have a gut feeling about something. I’m having that right now, it’s like feeling that working abroad is not my thing. I’ve had enough of everything. It’s hard. It’s true that you can easily judge situation and things happening when you have yet to experience that.


I belong to a family working abroad, my father worked for 15 years in the Middle East. My mom tried working in Taiwan but unfortunately it didn’t turn out well. My sister who works in Dubai spent 9 years of her life and I doubt if she’ll ever stop. Lastly my brother is having a time of his life in Dubai as well. All of us experience how to work in a foreign country. And yes each and everyone has their own story to tell.

Mine was different. I’m turning two years this coming July, it seems like yesterday. Now if I were to choose whether working abroad or not, I’d choose the latter.

Anyways, I just can’t help ranting about how lousy my job is, so I need some diversion.
I found my solace on someone I haven’t thought would help me ease my homesickness.


Thank You Bit Torrent for everything, thank you for providing entertainment on my lousy afternoon on the office. I get to watch movies, TV shows, plus porn’s all day long.. Everything is a download away from me. Without you, life would be oh so boring.

Well, again we argued about the voice chat we had this afternoon, My laptop allows one at a time functionality. For example if I’m using You Tube, of course the audio will run right? So If I will try to open another window of You Tube, Laptop’s not allowing the second window to make the audio function, it’ll play but there’s no sound. Well, that’s what happened the last time me and my oh so loving lovelove when we were trying to talk.

Plus the fact that I’m in a hurry because I’m running late for work. I tried calling again using my phone on my way to work but I’m having that cold dead ringing tone over and over again. So after realizing that my Lovelove will definitely not answer the phone, i stop. I got ignored but it’s nothing compared to what I did way back when lovelove’s the one calling. I suddenly realize how irritating, annoying, and worried it would be when the other line’s not answering for a hundred attempted calls, Imagine that’s a hundred opportunity for me to talk but I just let it passed. We’ll I’d just did almost 10 attempted calls and i already gave up, so I’m extending my sorry for what i did. I didn’t know what you’ve been through all this time.

Now that I know how it feels, I’m feeling bad on how i treated you like that. I now know how hurtful it is. But I’m doing what I should have done a long time ago, I promise to open our line of Communication so wide that distance wouldn’t be an issue. I promise to give my bests, my full effort and time. I promise me.


I will always be present.

So to you. Sorry na..

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Feb. 2010
10:39 pm
Note: Read these 40 years from now.
We went to Bohol and it’s A-MA-ZING.
Loved the place so much.
We stayed at Panglao Beach Resort.


Philippine Airlines took us 2 hours to Tagbilaran, 30 minutes from the city is the location of the said resort. It’s my first time touring Philippines, and boy was i excited! It’s a package tour of 3 days and two nights, it includes Bohol Tour and the luscious buffet breakfast and dinner for the duration of our stay.

I’m not a camera whore, but who wouldn’t. I was just so pumped up, photo ops. were everywhere. I’m going to post some of the best background pics i have here.




Anyhow, we first indulged ourselves on the room we were in. It was just beautiful, the interiors were impeccable. We immediately settled ourselves and looked around on how beautiful the place was. It’s a white sand beach and they created a manmade island 500 meters away from the seashore. We tried the water expecting it to be salty, it’s a bit salty but not that much. I was able to open my eyes wide without feeling that something when you submerge yourselves in a basin of water full of salt.


How can we start describing how delicious the food was?
Breakfast and Dinner never tasted so good in our lifetime. We’ve had our stomach full every meal, heck to the allergy. We savoured every food being served. The food area is located where you can see the view of the whole island.


The Jacuzzi served its purpose, we plunged unto it. We even come up to the idea of having our own Jacuzzi when we will have our house.

Guests were just few on the time we were in, only a couple of people having their romantic getaway and some Doctors from the States having their medical mission.

The second day involved us having a City Tour, we went to the Blood Compact Site, The Chocolate Hills, Butterfly Garden, Baclayon Church and saw the world famous Tarsier. In Baclayon Church, they believed that anyone entering for the first time can asks for 3 wishes and it’ll be granted. Of course I prayed and it exceeded the 3 wishes requirement, my wishes counts 10. I know God will understand why I’m wishing for too much. The last stop of the City Tour was shopping for souvenir items. I bought some delicacies and placemats for my mom.
Yeah we were greeted once again by the smell of the dinner buffet they were serving that night, we swim before we headed to the dinner table. It’s not cold but that time it’s windy. We tried playing billiards and table tennis. Ah i almost forgot, we had a massage before dinner, it’s free.

We had a couple of beer, and called it a night.

The following day was a crunch time, it’s our last day so we did everything we could. We ate the Buffet Breakfast with heavy heart because we knew that’s going to be the last time. But it didn’t stop us from satisfying our hunger and indulging on the food being served.

We’ve gone to the cave inside the resort, and walk laughing on our way to our room.

We tried to snorkel, it’s my first time and i know, i’ll admit it i got overwhelmed on how will I know how to breathe properly. I drunk about a litter of sea water just by getting the hang of it. After a while, it turned out to be fun, there are a lot of corals, fishes and we even saw a starfish. Of course photo ops. were undeniable so we take full advantage of it.

After we took a quick shower and ready our things. Time check, we headed to the exit feeling that our stay wasn’t enough to satisfy our desire to explore the place.
This are the moments that i will never forget and i hope you’ll not forget. Yes it’s again my point of view, proving how selfish and self centered i am. But in case when we grow old and you will seem to forget things, ill just show you this and read it so that even if you forget these moments in your life, I’m here beside you and will be with you until you remember that for once in your lifetime. You’ll get to experience the joys of life with the person you love, and that’s my cue to kiss you and hug you telling you that “you get to experience that with me”,

And we will lie on each other arms until the rest of our lives.

Happy Valentines Day.


I love you and i hope that we’ll get to experience more of life’s joy and happiness together.

And yes we argued the night before we went to Bohol, because i am so annoyed walking long distance carrying my bag instead of having a cab. Sorry should have told you in the first place, again my fault. I’m just having those bitchy mode days.\

No More bitchiness.\\


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I had my vacation last January in the Philippines.
I had a blast! I even posted on facebook, texted my friends, and my love ones that if there is a repeat button, I’d just play the part over and over again.
First thing i did was being busy with the preparation regarding our participation on the Black Nazarene Festival last January 9. It’s been a tradition and a practice of our family to celebrate and give thanks by attending the procession every year. We distributed foods, it’s our own giving back to all the blessings we received for each year.
After i met my friends, and it feels really good being surrounded by people that you know.


Lush is my longest friend ever and counting, right now she’s working at a training center ala Center for Pop Music but it doesn’t focus itself to just singing. They have theatre, arts, dance and stuff like that. She seems to like her work and that’s something good.


Cha is still funny as always, what amuses me is how she’s obsessing at Lady Gaga. Yeah every time we went out or chill out at restaurants, coffee shops or anywhere, Lady Gaga will popped from nowhere. She is working as what? Yeah you are right Call Center.


Louren, if i will commend a person on our circle that’s gonna be this lady, She’s the most improved player of the game. She is smoking hot! I love her, she looks better than ever and funnier. She works in a Call Center as well, and yes She is a Lady Gaga fan too.


Ronald’s an inch shorter in terms of hair weave to compete to Tyra Banks. He is a certified Diva. Full circle overhaul, haha, it’s funny how i always mistyped she on ronald’s section, i so wonder why....Being Skinny is his main priority. No question Lady Gaga finds a dedicated support group whenever she feels like retiring in the Philippines. He works as a dealer.


Aniceto a.k.a. Simon Schimmer, whenever i think of the future i always envision myself to be the fattest among my friends because of my eating habits. But Aniceto proves me wrong as he is the one weighing the most among us. But i still love this bitch. He’s in a Call Center as well.

Elaine’s my long lost highschool friend, we went out and had so much fun.

Philip, he’s a higschool friend as well and an Engineer at Sun Cellular Company.

Priceless. That’s what im feeling everytime im with them.
Sometimes, i just wish to go back where my only worry was them being absent during schooldays..

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Letter Number 1

Immitation ala Dear John

semi-overcast 19 °C


February 7, 2010
8:00 pm, Dubai Time

Dear love,

It’s 3 hours before my arrival in dubai, i endured 6 hours of sitting and doing nothing. We’re only few on this flight, My row allows 10 people to seat but 6 seats were just taken. I did watch a couple of movies and listen on Taylor Swiift’s and Lady Gaga’s music.
Compared to last time, it’s harder this time around, i cried on the entrance of the airport, i cried when i hug Mamita, i cried when i hug my father, i cried whenever a sad song plays on our way to the airport, i cried whenever im talking with you, I cried when Lalaine told me to take care of my self, i cried even just by posting my goodbyes on facebook.
As i’ve said earlier i wish there’s a repeat button where i can play it over and over again, i wish it wouldn’t stop, i wish i could do things that i forgot to do, i wish i could show even more how i love the people that’s been left in the Philippines, i wish someday i don’t need to leave. I wish to just be with the people that i really love, i wish to be with you always.
Ill be working again in Dubai not knowing what lies ahead, but it’s different this time around. I have something that i don’t have the first time, its the realization that life’s unfair that’s a fact but it’s still worth living because i know i have you, i have the person that i love the most. I have you that’s been the best thing that happens in my life.
I’m scared ofcourse but im hopeful that ours will last till lifetime, yes you’re right that life will go on with us not being around together physically, but im holding on to the memories of the things that we shared. I believe that if we really are right for each other, even if this time’s not the right time, there’s a place and time that’s right for us.
I love you, i do. Though for you it’s been used a lot of times already i will still and continue to say it because i don’t want you to wake up one day and forget that i love you, so i will say it every single day para hindi mo makalimutan kung gaano kita kamahal. I want you to be happy with the people you’re with, masakit kasi kung sumasaya ka na sa ibang tao, nakakaliimot tayo. Ayokong kalimutan mo ko dahil Masaya ka na sa piling ng ibang tao. Alam ko na sobrang nagkulang ako sa kung anu dapat yung ginawa ko, kahit ilang beses man ako mag apologize hindi na maibabalik yung panahon na dapat na ginawa ko yung responsibilidad ko bilang nagmamahal sayo. Salamat sa lahat, if it’s someone else, they wouldn’t accept me anymore. Kaya salamat sa lahat ng ginawa mong sakripisyo saken.
I love you and everyday will be days that i will continue to love you. Laptop’s getting drained, i don’t have an outlet to plug and charge it. It will just be an hour before the plane will land in Dubai. So for now i will just hold on to our promises of loving each other even when we hate each other, i will hold on to you. I promise to love you the way you deserve to be love.
Mahal kita.Mahal na mahal.
I know you love me,
Gossip Boy!

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